Manage Your Business Like a Boss

Striving to strike the perfect balance between exceptional customer care and business brilliance? Look no further than these invaluable insights from Tuel's  Queen, Lori Nestore. Armed with her expert guidance and these five invaluable tips, you'll effortlessly conquer your salon goals like a true boss.


1. Relentlessly Seek New Customers

Never face empty books again! Even if your books are full or you are booked out for months, you should always be spreading the word about your spa/salon passionately. Engage with everyone you meet, join local organizations, and distribute business cards as you let them know your local salon is just down the street. Embrace the digital world by staying connected through social media (join a Meta (Facebook group!), email, and texts. Maximize your marketing efforts by promoting your services and retail sales during seasonal changes and special occasions. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok offer real-time engagement, personal touch, and increased loyalty. Additionally, explore the power of social media advertising to grow your client base and boost retail revenue. Don't forget the effectiveness of email marketing and SMS (Text) Marketing, as studies show text messages have a staggering 98% open rate and 80% coupon or discount open rate.


2. Offer Irresistible Freebie Specials

Entice customers by offering a complimentary first facial with a product purchase or a free service with a certain spending threshold. This strategy increases the likelihood of repeat visits and gets them to try the products you recommend, while the intake form provides valuable information for effective follow-ups. It’s a great way to initially connect and then stay connected with new clients.


3. Master Inventory Management for Profit Growth

Optimize your product inventory to drive retail sales. Regularly review your best-sellers and seasonal items, and ensure you stock up wisely. Always maintain 2-3 items of each product and scale up quantities for top-selling items. Strive never to run out of stock or overstock, as excess inventory doesn't necessarily lead to more sales.


4. Keep Your Finances in Check

As a busy professional, it's easy to overlook the financial side of your business. Every quarter take a step back to assess your services and sales, comparing year-over-year performance. Take charge of your cash flow, analyze your numbers, evaluate staff and overhead costs, and create a robust financial plan for the upcoming year. For added transparency, establish a separate account for retail sales, transferring 50% of your daily or weekly sales for purchasing retail products. Additionally, evaluate and integrate your salon accounting software, scheduling, banking, and POS systems.


5. Empower Your Knowledge to Fuel Growth

As an esthetician, staying educated is your superpower. Tuel has your back with a range of training and class schedules, personalized esthetics consultations, and informative training videos on YouTube and Instagram. Enriching your skincare knowledge gives you a competitive edge and equips you to properly care for your clients. Education is the key to unlocking your full potential as you build your business.