Your Berodin Body Guide to Using Hard Wax

When you use hard wax, always think about going easy. That’s because hard wax is gentler on the skin making it ideal for those sensitive areas. Not sure when or where to use it? This Berodin Body Guide to Hard Wax will tell you all you need to know about why it’s the ultimate choice for certain sensitive zones. 


1. The Go-To Choice for Delicate Areas of the Body

When it comes to waxing sensitive areas such as the face, bikini, Brazilian, and underarms, hard wax shines. Its gentle and effective nature makes it perfect for these sensitive zones. Unlike soft wax, hard wax doesn’t stick to the skin  (making it less painful)  which allows you to go over an area  a second time to remove any hair left behind This ensures thorough hair removal and leaves the skin feeling smooth and revitalized.


2. Embrace the Comfort

One of the most common misconceptions about hard wax is that it is more painful than soft wax. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Hard wax is an excellent choice for clients with sensitive or reactive skin as it is gentler during the hair removal process. Since hard wax adheres to the hair and not the skin, it causes less discomfort. This makes it an ideal option when creating a more comfortable wax experience. 


3. The Right Temperature Leads to Success

To achieve optimal results with hard wax, it is crucial to understand the correct temperature for application. We recommend using a double basin warmer that can hold both hard and soft wax. Set the temperature gauge to around 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) for both hard wax and soft wax. Remember to check the wax's consistency by picking it up on your spatula. If it runs off too easily, the wax is too hot and should be allowed to cool slightly.


4. Numerous Benefits

Hard wax offers numerous benefits with minimal downsides. Apart from the possibility of a skin allergy, hard wax will deliver a more positive experience for your clients. Combined with proper at-home pre-and post-wax care, your clients can avoid common issues such as ingrown hairs, bumps, and skin irritations, maintaining smooth flawless post-wax skin.