Ingrowns Happen. Here’s What To Do.

Every wax professional and their clients probably hope for the same thing post treatment—no pesky ingrown hairs, just smooth, hair-free skin. But what if just a few pre-and post-wax tips could actually turn that hope into a reality? From exfoliation, to using the proper products, the ingrown hair battle can be won by working together at home and in the salon.


In the Salon

As a wax professional there are steps you can take during wax treatments to keep those ingrowns away. Be sure your client care routine involves immediate post-wax care steps such as adding essential oil to calm and cool the skin, and using a soothing cream to take out the redness and heat. If your client is especially prone to breakouts, apply something specifically for blemish control. These steps will go a long way in keeping the hair follicle clear, suppress bacteria, and jump-start the healing process. By following these steps each time, you contribute significantly to maintaining clear hair follicles, inhibiting bacterial growth, and initiating the healing process effectively. As you wrap up your appointment it’s important to remind them that the timing of their next wax treatment is critical when it comes to preventing ingrown hairs. The hair must be the proper length, which is usually about three weeks after shaving or four weeks after waxing.


At Home

Making a good ingrown hair prevention team requires your clients follow proper pre-and post-wax care while at home. Be sure to share the following reminders:

  • Pre-Appointment Moisturizing: Encourage clients to exfoliate and moisturize leading up to their wax appointment to prevent hair breakage as well as encourage fine-tipped hairs to be above the skin line. Remind them to keep their skin well-hydrated. 
  • Keep it Simple on Appointment Day: Clients should arrive clean for their wax appointment for the best results. Recommend showering beforehand if possible,Also, discourage the use of self-tanners, body sprays, or deodorants.
  • Post-Wax Care: Emphasize the importance of steering clear of direct heat or sun exposure and stress the application of sunscreen. As a professional, reinforce this by applying sunscreen to exposed and newly waxed areas as the final finishing touch.
  • Blemish Control Routine: They should apply a blemish control product in the morning and night for several days post-wax to achieve optimal results.
  • Consistent Appointments: Stress the importance of regular appointments. Remind clients that consistent, four-week treatments are critical for controlling their hair and skin response to wax treatments, especially for those prone to ingrowns. 
  • Exfoliate the Skin Pre-and Post-Wax for Success: Pre-and-post wax, educate your clients on the importance exfoliation plays in bump-free skin. They should be exfoliating the areas they are having waxed on a daily  basis using a body polish exfoliation kit with ingredients such as pine essential oil, bladderwrack and a touch of glycolic to cleanse the skin of toxins while providing gentle exfoliation when applied with gloves. This process removes dead skin cells and keeps the hair soft which helps prevent ingrown hairs. Post wax they can begin exfoliating the skin 24 hours after any wax appointment, using the same body wash and exfoliating gloves, focusing on waxed areas. This will also help the hair point up and grow in the right direction—opposite of the skin.


What to do if they do get ingrowns? Remind them not to tweeze or pick. This could lead to scarring. Just continue a post-wax treatment of gently exfoliating and use of a blemish control product to help with healing.