Soothing Eczema: Salon Strategies for Healing this Common Skin Condition

Let’s just say when it comes to eczema and your clients, having a good plan of attack at the salon and at home is the secret to skincare success. Product selection, proper ingredients, understanding flare ups and staying consistent is a strategy you and your clients can count on when it comes to healing this common skin condition.

As a salon professional, understanding the nature of eczema is the first step towards offering the relief they seek. This chronic, inflammatory skin condition demands consistent management to control recurrent flare-ups, often caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. When an eczema flare-up begins is usually when you hear from your clients. They are seeking relief for their itchy, red, scaly skin that is affecting how they look and feel. So where to start? From salon treatments to at home routines, check out these strategies from our Tuel team of pros.


Strategy #1: Provide Professional Relief: Treating their Skin Type & Skin Condition

Determining treatment solutions for your clients should always start with accurate skin analysis. When determining skin type we're looking at things like pore placement and size to categorize it into types like Dry, Combo, Oily, Reactive, and Mature. Then when treating clients with a chronic skin condition like eczema, skincare product selection should align first with skin type and then the skin condition. When you understand both, you can create a personalized treatment plan, while educating your clients on how to care for their skin at home.

Next try these two salon treatments designed by our skincare professionals to provide eczema relief.

Treatment 1: Cleansing Duo + C Power + Hydrate + Clear It + Super Soothe

Begin with a deep pore cleansing duo tailored to their skin type, releasing dead skin and hydrating with an herbal toner. Follow this up with a series of serums, including C Power for brightness and anti-aging, Hydrate for essential hydration, and Clear It to calm irritation. Follow with Super Soothe, a soothing mask that uses eczema-friendly ingredients such as Canadian willow bark, arnica, and lavender. For added results, consider blending Desert Clay, Detox Clay Mask, and Super Soothe to provide relief.

Treatment 2: Detox + Desert Clay

Enhance the Desert Clay Mask with a few drops of Detox Healing Essential Oil, containing tea tree, cedarwood, and palmarosa for concentrated healing and inflammation reduction. This blend maximizes the detoxing effect on the skin while nurturing and soothing the protective barrier affected by eczema.


Strategy #2: At Home Skincare Routine: Consistency + Managing Flares

A consistent skincare routine along with tips for managing flare ups on the face and body can not only help keep your clients skin in check on a consistent basis, but help them feel more empowered when it comes to caring for their skin.

Skincare Routine:

  1. Start with a Deep Pore Cleansing Duo that aligns with their skin type. The cleansing oil adheres and loosens the dead skin on the face, while the toner adds hydration and makes the cleansing oil water soluble.  This leaves the skin ready to absorb the other products while rinsing off dead skin buildup without changing the pH.
  2. Use a serum. C Power Antioxidant Vitamin C Serum, will help brighten areas that might be darkened by scarring from flare-ups. Follow up with Hydrate Super Moisture Serum, which adds a hyaluronic acid and antioxidant boost to penetrate the skin with much needed moisture.   
  3. Use Clear It Blemish Control Gel on areas that might need a bit more attention. Clear It targets bacteria responsible for fueling breakouts, while providing an extra boost of Vitamin C in the process.
  4.  Super Soothe 2 in 1 Calming Mask works to relieve redness and inflammation.
  5. Don’t forget sun protection. Too much sun exposure can exacerbate eczema and result in a flare-up. 

Body Relief: 

  1. Start with Green Clean Invigorating Body Wash with ingredients such as glycolic acid, bladderwrack seaweed and pine essential oil, it naturally helps in relieving inflammation while doing away with dead skin buildup. For added exfoliation, recommend a Body Polish Exfoliation Kit, which includes pumice gloves.
  2. Educate about the benefits of a body serum such as Triple Splash 3 in 1 Body Serum, which contains hyaluronic acid, eucalyptus oil and hydrolyzed protein to lock in moisture and further aid in strengthening the skin barrier. 
  3. Apply Botanical Blast Ultra Rich Body Lotion, which adds even more conditioning to the skin with its unique blend of antioxidants and botanical extracts. If more protection is needed, they can use Super Soothe 2 in 1 Calming Mask on affected areas of the body.