We’ve Got the Dirt on the Benefits of Double Cleansing

The truth is, if your clients want to melt away makeup, dead skin, and impurities and leave their skin hydrated and balanced, they need to double cleanse. That’s why it’s important to change the conversation when it comes to washing their face by highlighting the benefits of not only the double cleanse, but double cleansing by skin type. 


Benefit 1:

They’ll clean and exfoliate without stripping the skin. Designed to remove sweat, bacteria and old skin cells, double cleansing uses two steps to clean and exfoliate the skin. Consisting of a deep pore cleansing oil which bonds with the natural oils in the skin to wash away makeup and bacteria, and an herbal toner that exfoliates and gets in deep to remove any impurities, double cleansing will gently but effectively prepare their skin for the rest of their skincare routine. 


Benefit 2: 

Yes, they can—and should—double cleanse by skin type. Tuel’s Deep Pore Cleansing Duo product line offers additional benefits beyond cleansing and exfoliating thanks to the power of botanicals designed to support specific skin types. Teach your clients that accurate skin analysis is the key to effective at-home skincare routines and that they should always cleanse by skin type and treat for their condition. 


Acne: Antibacterial botanicals such as tea tree, golden rod and mistletoe work to clear existing acne, and help keep skin healthy.

Anti-Aging: Anti-aging botanicals like horsetail, rosewood and carrot seed stimulate cell rejuvenation, support firmness and promote skin elasticity.

Oily or Combo Skin: Balancing botanicals such as lemon, vitamin C and sage help equalize oil production and reduce the appearance of large pores. 

Dry Skin: Hydrate dry skin with nourishing extracts of cucumber, dandelion, and hops to restore moisture and protect against free radicals. 

Reactive Skin: Calm inflammation with chamomile, marigold and green tea to relieve irritation and balance skin pH.


Benefit 3: 

It’s one of the best ways to repair their skin overnight. At night the skin switches from protect mode to repair mode and it works to recover from daytime stressors during sleep. So while that quick swipe with a makeup wipe might seem like enough when it comes to washing the face before bed, the only real way to prep the skin to absorb serums, moisturizers, and any other skin repair products  is a nighttime double cleanse.