Boost Your Revenue with These Facial Waxing Services

There’s more to facial waxing than the lip and brows. From the obvious benefits of removing those fine hairs, to maximizing the benefits of your clients’ skincare routines and make up finishes, facial waxing is one of the best ways to achieve long-lasting, beautiful skin. Here’s how  to increase your business while making life easy for your clients all at the same time.  


Benefits of Getting it Done All at Once

Even if your clients consistently wax their brows and/or upper lip, there are still opportunities to talk to them about removing hair from places they might not typically think about such as the nose, ears, chin and face. There are many more possibilities for hair removal when it comes to face waxing, and most of them can be done in the same session as a facial to maximize time and the benefits. emoving all the unwanted hair from their face all at once will leave them with an even, smooth texture and skin tone in just one visit.


It’s All How You Package It

Promote your facial waxing services as packages to create value for your clients. Talk to them about the benefits beyond hair removal and then sell your services as a way to minimize their time and money while maximizing their results. Try these facial waxing package ideas:

  • Women: A full face wax should only take about 20 minutes and you can cover all areas at once. This will allow for even growth all over the face, maximize exfoliation for improved skin texture, and will lead to less regrowth in the future. Try these combos:
  • Full Face including Lip + Brows
  • Lip + Brow + Nose
  • Cheeks + Chin + Lip
  • Men: If you really want to maximize your revenue go after the men. Manscaping seems to be here to stay, with some surveys saying more than 78% of men are waxing everything from their back to below the belt and yes, their face. From maintaining a well-groomed beard, to removing hair from the ears, nose and chin, the desire for male waxing treatments is on the rise. Try these combos: 
  • Brows and cheeks  
  • Beard + Nose + Ears (Yes, the bead can be waxed but you do need a certain level of skill.)
  • Brows + Nose + Ears


Facial Waxing Tips

  • The key to successful facial wax treatments is using the right wax. Berodin Blue is a hard wax designed to provide quick, efficient results and a less painful wax experience, which is especially ideal for facial wax treatments. Hard wax does not require a strip to remove hair; instead, the hairs stick to the wax without adhering  to the skin. Plus, you can go over the skin a second time to remove any hairs you may have missed without damaging the skin. 
  • Beyond the financial benefits of offering more services in one visit, combining facial waxing services can also mean using less hard wax and waxing tools such as spatulas and pre/post-wax products. 
  • Keep in mind, facial waxing requires the use of various sized spatulas, and the proper technique has a lot to do with the number of spatulas you use. The disposable spatulas work well for face application, then switch to precision facial spatulas for eyebrows and the lip area.
  • Post-wax care makes a difference. This four-step process will help prevent breakouts, irritation and protect the skin after a face wax treatment. We recommend:
    • Applying a post-wax essential oil by gently massaging into the skin to deter bacteria and breakouts while nourishing the skin.
    • Use a blemish control gel even if they are not prone to breakouts. It will keep the follicles clear while jumpstarting the healing process.
    • Soothe with a cream full of antioxidants and healing botanicals to quickly remove redness.
    • Add sunscreen at the end to protect before they leave.