The Bro-Zilian: You Gotta Be Ballsy With A Male Brazilian Wax

Ok, let’s just keep it real here. It takes balls to wax balls. You’ve got concerns, they’ve got concerns, but the reality is the only difference between a female Brazilian and a male Brazilian are those body parts (yes, those body parts). Think of it this way, lying down naked from the waist down in front of your female wax pro makes your male customers feel vulnerable and that takes some getting used to. So The Wax Queen’s best advice? Make them comfortable and be ballsy with the male Brazilian. The more assertive you are the better your wax technique will be, and everyone is happy and hair-free in the end. Read on for a few other bro-zilian tips that will put you and your clients at ease. 

Getting Started

As we mentioned, your clients may be a little apprehensive about the male Brazilian, so set up some time a few weeks prior to their appointment to go over any concerns and talk about pre-wax care. On appointment day, make them (and you) as comfortable as possible by explaining what to expect. They probably have two big things on their mind: how bad is this going to hurt, and will I get an erection. The best way to handle the Big E is to tell them it’s okay, it happens all the time and soon they will relax. 

Waxing Technique

As female professionals, you may be more nervous about waxing men because the skin is movable and it’s hard to know for sure how to handle it without hurting your clients. As long as you don’t put a lot of pressure you are good––just focus on pulling the skin nice and tight. 

Start in the scrotum area first, apply the wax in long strips, and while holding the skin tight, use three pulls to remove the strip. Remember, it’s all the same techniques on women and men––the hair doesn’t know who you are working on. Once you’ve completed that area, check-in and see how your client is doing. If they handling things ok, ask if they’d like you to continue with the front top area and their backside. 

Once you are done, be sure your client care routine involves immediate post-wax care steps such as adding essential oil to calm and cool the skin, using a soothing cream to take the redness and heat out of the skin, and if your client is especially prone to breakouts, apply something specifically for blemish control. These steps will go a long way in keeping the hair follicle clear, suppress bacteria, and jump-start the healing process. Clients should also continue blemish control application for several days post-wax for the best results.

Finally remind them of simple tips such as waiting 24-hours to workout post-wax, or staying away from tight-fitting clothing for a few days. Tight clothes can irritate freshly waxed skin and even encourage hair to grow back improperly over the next few weeks. Just let the skin breathe for a day or direct heat or sun, and avoid any friction for maximum results.