Acne Scars? Treat Them With Our Super Secret Concoctions

If you had a list of top 5 client skin issues, we’re pretty sure acne and acne scarring would be right up there with others such as anti-aging, redness, and discoloration. As a professional, or as we like to call them “Pore Stars,” you know that working with your clients to create the perfect skincare routine for their skin type can make some significant headway in treating acne. Regular facials or even those geared towards acne-prone skin can also be helpful treatments, especially when they include extractions. And certain treatments such as peels can also aid in keeping pores clear and minimizing future breakouts. 

But let’s say you’ve been working with your client on a regular basis and their acne–thanks to a custom created skincare routine you’ve prepared using professional products–is all cleared up. But after years of persistent acne-prone skin, they now have some scars and are asking you for help. Well here’s a little secret...Tuel Professional grade serums can do just that. 

Why Serums Work

Supercharged and antioxidant-packed, serums are your natural skincare product powerhouse. Alone, they have the strength to improve skin tone, brightness, and overall health. Some are designed specifically for acne, some reduce oil (say goodbye to shine), and some help with discoloration (thanks to vitamin C). But what if we told you the best thing about serums is that they can be mixed to create your own little concoction created specifically for your clients' individual skin issues. Here are a few ideas shared straight from some of our top Tuel Pore Stars. 


Tuel Pore Star Acne Scarring Concoctions

For Client Use At Home: 

  • Mix Power Scrub and Power Peel together and scrub the scarred areas, rinse and follow with Rehab Serum. 
  • Apply Let's Be Clear Here or Clear as Day Cleanser mixed with Power Scrub. Focus on the scarred areas and rinse. Follow with your favorite serum and cream.
  • At night: use Power Scrub and a "little water" scrub the scarred areas and then apply Power Peel leave on and follow with Hydrate. 

For Pros:

  • Mix Enzyme Peel, Power Scrub, and Glycolic Solution together and apply. Using your finger scrub lightly, focusing on the scarred area in circular motions. Add Glycolic Solution directly to the scarred area and let sit for a moment before removing. The client will feel tingling, itching (and a spicy effect) while exfoliating. Continue the facial and be sure to finish with Super Soothe.