Seal the Deal on Beautiful Skin with a Peel

For those of us in the skincare business, if there was a fifth season it would definitely be peel season. Fall and winter mean it’s time for refreshing, renewing and recharging the skin, and we are so here for it. Check out these recommendations for talking to your clients about peel series and then continuing to care for their skin at home so they get the most out of this treatment in the salon and at home.

Why Now is the Time for a Peel

Because peels are designed to remove superficial dead skin cells and stimulate cell turnover, fall/winter is the ideal time to talk to your clients about a series of peels. Dehydrated and element exposed skin is prime for a little extra TLC, and a peel’s process is one of the best treatments for giving the skin a reboot. Depending on the active ingredients (such as salicylic, glycolic, and lactic acids, etc.) used in peels, they can boost collagen synthesis, hydrate the skin, alleviate pigmentation, and leave skin with a youthful glow.


Effective Peel Series

Talk to your clients about a peel series designed to target and correct skin issues that includes 4 to 6 treatments about a month apart. Spacing the treatments out will allow for skin cells to renew, with each peel treating new skin cells just beneath the surface. As you work with your clients, modify your peel technique to concentrate on their primary skin type or other conditions such as acne, and don’t be afraid to mix products to come up with the ideal combination for their skin. During the process, some peels can help promote the building of collagen while making the skin more receptive to skincare products, increasing efficacy and performance. Consider suggesting a skin type specific facial treatment as the last step in their peel series.   

Peels at Home

Recommend they try an at home peel kit to keep their skin looking its best on an ongoing basis. Designed to exfoliate, repair the skin barrier and then add hydration it will help keep their skin on track in just four easy steps. Done once a week for best results, this spa level at home treatment is not for the faint of heart. If their skin is thin or reactive, they should use it every two weeks. Have them always start with a clean face using a skin type appropriate cleanser

Remind them that the results will only get better if they are doing an at home peel treatment on a regular basis, and to also wear sunscreen every day as the last step in their skincare routine each morning.