How To Keep Those Ingrown Hairs Out Post Waxing

If there’s a list of the top five questions you get as a wax professional, “How do I prevent ingrown hairs after waxing” is probably on it. Not only are they ugly, but they can also be painful as well. Ingrown hairs are especially prone to pop up when waxing thicker hair such as with men, the bikini line, and underarms, but they can happen anywhere the skin is waxed. Technique plays a big part in preventing ingrown hairs from happening in the first place. Everything from wax temperature, pre, and post-care, and client intake forms, plus proper and efficient waxing techniques are all part of creating the best possible experience. When it comes to preventing ingrown hairs, the goal is to remove the entire hair from the follicle, and preventing breakage either above or below the skin’s surface, which can lead to those pesky and painful ingrown hairs. But no matter what you do, some clients are just prone to breakouts. Read on for some post-wax and home care suggestions you can use to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing. 

Exfoliate Before and After

Pre and post-wax care is important for a good waxing experience...this is a relationship, after all, right? Tell your clients the bottom line; exfoliating is crucial to the perfect wax. Preparing the skin with a soothing liquid body wash using exfoliating gloves on a regular basis ensures their skin is free of dead skin cells, and that the skin and hair are soft prior to waxing. Regular exfoliation also encourages proper hair growth and can eliminate ingrown hairs from popping up post-wax. Be sure to educate your clients by telling them they can begin exfoliating and moisturizing the skin 24-hours after any wax appointment, using the same body wash and exfoliating gloves, and focusing on waxed body parts. When the hair does start growing back, the exfoliating helps the hair point up and grow in the right direction—opposite of skin.

Don’t Leave Ingrown Hairs to Chance

As a wax professional, be sure your client care routine involves immediate post-wax care steps such as adding essential oil to calm and cool the skin, using a soothing cream to take the redness and heat out of the skin, and if you’re client is especially prone to breakouts, apply something specifically for blemish control. These steps will go a long way in keeping the hair follicle clear, suppress bacteria, and jump-start the healing process. Clients should also continue blemish control application for several days post-wax for the best results.


Finally remind them of simple tips such as waiting 24-hours to workout post-wax, or staying away from tight-fitting clothing for a few days. Tight clothes can irritate freshly waxed skin and even encourage hair to grow back improperly over the next few weeks. Just let the skin breathe for a day or direct heat or sun, and avoid any friction, heavy lotions, or deodorants for maximum results.