5 Things Everyone Should Do For Beautiful Skin In The Morning

Are your clients dreaming of clear, glowing skin? Well, the bottom line is they’ve gotta work for it morning and night. You can help them with regular professional treatments, but they need to do their part as well. Understanding what happens to their skin while they sleep is just as important as following the proper skincare routine. Look at it this way, sleep is when the body repairs itself from the inside out. While you sleep, the blood flow in your skin increases––repairing damage, rebuilding collagen, and reducing wrinkles. So remind them it’s the perfect time to give their skin the best possible opportunity to heal itself and wake up looking beautiful. And just for all you professionals, here’s our five-step nighttime skincare routine that your clients definitely won’t regret it in the morning. 

1. Cleanse

It’s true, we’ve all gone to bed at one point without washing our face. But if they don’t start with this simple step, they’re almost guaranteed to wake up not looking their best. The key to the proper nighttime skincare routine definitely starts by removing makeup with an all-natural deep pore cleansing duo. Designed to work together to cleanse and tone, this cleanser goes deep, bonding with the skin’s natural oils to draw out more dirt, make-up and pollutants. It’s the fresh start at the end of the day everyone’s skin needs. 


2. Exfoliate 

Gently exfoliating the face three times a week for about 1-3 minutes––depending on how thick your skin is––will help not only buff away dead skin cells, dullness and pore impurities, but will help prevent blackheads, clogged pores and speed up the skin’s renewal process. Look for a product with pumice, tea tree, and lemongrass that work together to refine the skin’s surface, while also includes soothing ingredients such as vitamin E and chamomile. With routine exfoliating, they are also giving the skin a better chance to absorb serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen. Our recommendation? Tell your clients to only exfoliate at night, especially in the summer, so they aren’t putting fresh skin out in the sun. 


3. Add a Serum

Designed to improve skin tone, texture, and overall health of the skin, serums are the perfect little addition to a nighttime skincare routine. These antioxidant powerhouses help prevent dehydration, fight aging and wrinkles, and heal the skin during sleep. When applying serums, know that a little bit goes a long way. Add 2-3 small pumps to the fingertips and pat gently on the face and neck––letting them absorb on their own.

4. Eye Cream

Be sure they take a few minutes to care for their eyes––after all, they are the first place we often show our age. Depuff, condition and protecting the eye area is especially important at night. Eye creams often need more time to absorb and work their magic, so applying as part of a nighttime skincare routine gives them just that. Apply with the tip of the ring finger and pat gently on the skin.

5. Moisturize

The best moisturizer is one that fits their skin. Whether dry, oily, or acne-prone, don’t skip this step. Help them select the right formula that will condition and restore the skin no matter what their skin type. Nighttime is the perfect time to let the powers of all-natural botanicals heal and condition irritated skin. Apply moisturizer to damp skin, and show them how to gently give a little face massage to get the blood flowing to the surface of the skin. 

And just because they can’t hurt, here are a few extra tips to make sure they end up with #wokeuplikethis skin:

  • Learn to sleep on their back and use a satin or silk pillow
  • Keep a glass of water by the bed each night (and drink it!)
  • Elevate the head during sleep to reduce under-eye puffiness
  • Add a humidifier to the bedroom. Extra moisture in the air will prevent dryness