Holiday Stress + Your Skin: Try These Seasonal Skincare Tips

Holiday stress and a little too much “cheer” can leave your clients’ skin looking dull, tired, and puffy. Throw in the sudden onslaught of the cold weather outside...and the dry heat inside...and all the moisture is now sucked right out of their skin. But getting that party-perfect skin glowing again is easy with a few tips from the pros, giving their skin something to celebrate this season.  


Seems like a no-brainer, but cleansing the proper way in the morning can do wonders for the skin all day...creating a good base for additional products and makeup. And speaking of early wake-ups (or late holiday party nights), remind them that if their eyes are puffy, considering icing them. Apply chilled spoons or ice under the eyes will naturally help. Then freshen up with a de-puff moisturizing lotion...especially one that features brightening vitamin C.


Remind them exfoliating is their friend, especially in the winter. Flaky skin can leave their face looking dull and dry, but a good (and gentle) polishing scrub can help them discover a whole new look. Buffing away dead skin cells will not only brighten the skin, but it will also help prevent acne and clogged pores….all while giving the skin that little extra edge it needs to recover during the holiday season.


Crazy holiday schedules can definitely lead to changes in the skin. Who has time to stop and properly make sure we are sticking to a normal skincare routine? Recommend a soothing mask with skin-replenishing ingredients such as aloe, willow bark, and arnica...these will all help in leaving them with cool, relieved, and supple skin.


Finally, remind them to take time for themselves this holiday season. Yes, it’s a time for enjoying family and friends, but not at the expense of their skin or well-being. Some ideas include indulging in a relaxing bath and apply a firming mask, scheduling a yoga class, or reading a book by the fire. Taking that daily moment to rejuvenate will make the whole season merrier.