Be Ballsy and Go After That Male Waxing Business

One of the fastest growing segments in the wax industry today is men. In fact, male waxing is more popular than ever, with some saying at least 30% of their waxing business is now men. As guys are becoming more comfortable with “manscaping” thanks to social media, Tik Tok, and an increase in targeted promotion and advertising, and skincare brands are becoming more inclusive by bringing men into the dialogue, the more calls you’re going to get. If you said no to waxing men before, you might want to rethink your approach. Everything from their hairline to their back and even below the belt, men wanting wax treatments could translate to big dollars for your business. Simply put, there’s a whole segment of customers out there ready and waiting and it’s time to grow a pair and get after it. 

It’s Just Another Client

Look at it this way—hair is hair and men, just like women, have some pretty basic reasons for wanting to get waxed. They want to look better and they think having less hair on their chest or back will do that. Some also feel it’s more hygienic to have less hair especially if they play sports. Male Brazilians or other intimate area wax treatments are often at the request of their partners or if they are single and dating. Overall, men today want to feel more groomed and hygienic and are looking to waxing to become part of their maintenance routine. 


Many are Waxing Virgins

Remember that many of your male waxing clients are new to the process, and they are going to have questions. Start by talking them through what to expect:

  • Let them know it doesn’t matter what they look like when they come in, only how they look when they leave, so that means no shaving before their wax treatment. Three weeks of growth is needed for great results. Remind them to skip that workout prior to their appointment. Showering before is okay, as are lotions and deodorants, but avoid being too oiled up and no self-tanners or body sprays.
  • Educate on proper pre-and post-wax care. Something they should do before and after, exfoliating is crucial to the perfect wax. Do a little retail pre-sale by recommending a liquid body wash and exfoliating gloves. The process ensures their skin is free of dead skin cells, and that both the skin and hair are soft prior to waxing. Regular exfoliation also encourages proper hair growth and can eliminate ingrown hairs from popping up post-wax.
  • Whether on your web site, the phone or text, men will sometimes wonder what might happen if they get an erection. They might be super nervous about even asking. Assure them this rarely happens and not to be worried about it.


Tips for Getting Started

Still a little uneasy about taking steps towards waxing men? Here’s how you get started:

  • A little training will go a long way towards increasing your expertise and comfort level when it comes to waxing men. Berodin Wax supports wax professionals with hands-on and video training—with many of the sessions focusing on male waxing techniques.
  • Leave yourself some extra time when learning how to wax men. Let them know that the process is no different for men or women.
Start small. Avoid starting with a full chest hair wax or a male Brazilian. Instead, have them come in for a nostril, ear, or brow wax appointment.