Your Holiday Guide to Manscaping

Guys want to look sharp for the holidays, too, so why not help them clean things up with the Berodin Holiday Waxing Guide just for men. From the hairline to below the belt and everything in between, here’s how to get them in, get them waxed, and get them on their merry (and well-groomed) way. 

Start Talking to Them Now

If they want their face, beard, ears, and even nose looking good before the holidays, then start reaching out to your male clients now. You know—and we know—that proper hair growth (3 weeks) is key to the perfect wax treatment. Some may not even be thinking that far ahead, so looking good for the holidays is not necessarily top of mind right now. That’s why November is the best time to start them on a holiday waxing schedule. 

Package Your Services

Want to make it easy for them and for you? Offer holiday packages that combine treatments such as ears, nose and chin, or beard waxing. And if they try to tell you they can do these things at home? Remind them that getting waxed professionally is the safest, most beneficial option, as certain areas of the body are delicate or hard to get to, and a trained/skilled hand is important. These areas, especially the nose and the ears, are delicate and they can do some real damage if they try to DIY these treatments. 

Hype Up the Hairline

What’s the point of a nice clean haircut if their hairline is a mess? The one appointment guys are probably remembering to make during the holidays is at the barber shop. Nothing goes better with a fresh haircut than a super smooth, super straight hairline

Below the Belt

Even though a Brazilian wax may sound intimidating to your male clients (and to you), it’s really no different than the female Brazilian. And now that body hair grooming is becoming more of a norm for men, they may want to give themselves the gift of a well groomed “down there” this holiday season. Talk to them beforehand about what to expect, how you’ll perform the treatment and what happens if they get an erection. 

The Importance of Pre-and Post-Wax Care

The point of all this manscaping is to look good for the holidays, so make sure they understand the benefits of proper pre-and post-wax care to help avoid skin issues. Help the process along by preventing breakouts post-wax by applying a blemish control gel (even if they are not prone to breakouts). This acne gel will help keep the follicle clear, suppress bacteria, and jumpstart the healing process. Make sure they also take one home and apply morning and night for at least five days.  Then follow with a soothing cream to take the redness out of the skin, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen as a final step before they leave as the skin is more likely to burn after a wax treatment.