Why You Should Keep Waxing All Winter Long

Winter is here and that means leggings, boots, scarves and more to keep us warm. Your skin is hidden away and you’re probably thinking you can press the pause button on your waxing routine. Let us be clear. Don’t do it. Instead, stop and think about waxing treatments as overall skin and body maintenance and not just something to do when you are ready to bare all. Once you change your mindset about waxing, then it’s easy to see that waxing is best done all winter long.


Your Skin Will Glow

Winter does harsh things to our skin. Let’s talk facts here—dry, cracked skin all over your body and even something called “winter wrinkles.” Basically, the cold, dry air combined with a drop in humidity, slowing of your circulation, and everything else winter weather brings can decrease cell renewal causing our skin to lose its fresh glow. One way to help? The waxing process helps to exfoliate the dead skin and circulate blood flow to stimulate new growth––creating a new layer of skin that is soft and glowing. Suddenly waxing becomes more about skincare and less about hair in the winter months.


Less Pain, All Gain

If you are planning on waxing in the spring and summer, you need to keep up your winter wax treatments if you want to avoid revisiting some of that first-timer pain. Year-round waxing weakens hair follicles, making them easier to remove all equaling less pain. Being consistent with your wax routine also means less of all those things you hate: post-wax breakouts, ingrown hairs and bumps.


You’re Always Ready

Just because you aren’t living in a bikini all day long anymore, doesn’t mean your skin shouldn’t be ready for all those holiday events. You’re still baring legs, arms and underarms, not to mention any facial waxing treatments. Maintaining your waxing routine will ensure you have beautiful, healthy-looking, smooth skin for any holiday event, makes sure you are ready and waxed at any time.