Why the Best Wax Treatments Start with Pre-and Post-Wax Care

All wax professionals know that waxing treatments are all about the long game. Starting with good pre-wax care, proper technique during treatments, and of course the best possible post-wax care, equals successful results for your clients and repeat business for you. Because pre-and post-wax care is so important, let’s take a minute to break down the correct steps for both so you can ensure you and your clients are on the same page when it comes to wax results.


Pre-Wax Care

Preparation is key, right? This is true even for wax treatments. Provide your clients with the following pre-wax appointment tips:

  • Remind them to fight the temptation to shave. Their hair must be long enough (at least ¼ of an inch or a minimum of 2-3 weeks of growth) before their appointment.
  • Exfoliating the skin regularly is the key to preventing ingrown hairs. Recommend using a body exfoliation kit that includes an all-natural body wash and exfoliating gloves for a soothing treatment that will leave their skin refreshed.
  • Shower, but not right before. Showering before can be beneficial, but make sure you remind your clients to do it at least two hours before their appointment for the best results.
  • One of the biggest reminders you can give your clients is to not apply any lotions, self-tanners, body sprays, or deodorants prior to their visit.
  • Remind them to schedule their wax at least two days prior to being in the sun, and stay away from tanning beds, hot tubs, or saunas right before their appointment.
  • If they are worried about pain and swelling, they can take ibuprofen about an hour before their appointment.

Post-Wax Care

A good wax is all about the partnership between you and your clients. Remind them that good post-wax treatments will go a long way in preventing ingrown hairs. Some tips include:

  • Tell them to stay away from the heat after their appointments. Since waxing removes a layer of dead skin cells, sun or heat can be painful. Also, remind them not to exercise for two hours after their appointment.
  • Prevent bumps and post-wax-breakouts with a post-wax skincare acne gel that will keep the hair follicle clear. Recommend products with all-natural ingredients such as organic sulfur to suppress bacteria and allantoin which jumpstarts the skin’s healing process.
  • They should begin exfoliating and moisturizing the skin 24-hours after any wax appointment, using the same body wash and exfoliating gloves, focusing on waxed body parts. When the hair does start growing back, the exfoliating helps the hair point up and grow in the right direction.
  • Recommend regular waxing sessions, at least every four to five weeks to allow time for recovery and growth. Explain how regular waxing can reduce pain, allowing for a better experience long-term.