Waxing: Yes, It's a Year-Round Thing

How many of your clients do you only see in the spring and summer? The reality is waxing is all about body maintenance, meaning it’s not just a seasonal thing. That’s why we’re here to tell you––so you can tell them––that waxing is best done year-round. Benefits include managing hair growth, exfoliating away that dead winter skin, and of course, it makes waxing less painful in the long run. So whether they wax their legs, bikini wax, or “wax that ass” like the Wax Queen says, all forms of waxing should be kept up even when everything is all covered up.


Are they going on a winter vacation or holiday party? Keeping regularly scheduled appointments helps your clients ensure they are ready and waxed at the right time. Planning out wax appointments will keep them looking great no matter what comes their way. And here’s another way to look at it––winter is when they should go into maintenance mode so when it’s spring, they don’t have to start all over again. Taking breaks in their wax routine could be putting their skin at risk for breakouts and bumps when they do get back on track. Winter waxing ensures they will look and feel great now and once it’s time to bare all again.


The bitter truth is winter does nasty things to our skin. Dryness, flaking, and tightening are all major skincare concerns during the winter months. During the waxing process, the wax helps to exfoliate the dead skin and circulate blood flow to stimulate new growth––creating a new layer of skin that is soft and glowing. Suddenly waxing becomes more about skincare and less about hair in the winter months.


If they fast-forward three months and think about their first wax of the season, it’s going to hurt a lot more if they’ve been on a waxing “break.” The fact of the matter is year-round waxing weakens hair follicles making them easier to remove which causes less pain. Consistent waxing also reduces the occurrence of ingrown hairs, bumps, and acne.