Timing is Everything: Tips for Getting the Best Wax

As much as your clients love how their skin looks and feels after a wax treatment, it’s important to let them know that getting the perfect wax depends on a few key things. One of the most important? Hair length. Too long or too short can both create issues post wax. That’s why we can’t say it enough, encourage all your clients to get on a regular wax schedule now. Here’s a few tips straight from the Berodin pros on how to education your clients on how to get the best wax every time.


1. Let it GROW

The number one factor in a great wax experience is hair growth. Starting, and then keeping, regularly scheduled appointments year-round will ensure they are ready to be waxed at the right time, with the best results. So how long should they wait? On average, our pros recommend letting the hair grow for about four weeks (it should be about a ¼” long). This hair growth, while can feel annoying and uncomfortable, allows the growth on the outside of the skin to mirror the growth under the skin which creates a smoother, less breakout-prone wax experience. Be sure to remind them that a wax treatment is not like shaving—it will keep their skin hair-free for weeks at a time.


2. Temperature Is Important

As a wax professional, you know the right wax temperature is everything. Just like knowing when to use hard or soft wax, you also need to know the proper temperature for each to provide the best wax treatment. Some PRO tips include:

  • Use the larger basin of your Double Basin Warmer for your hard wax and set the temperature gauge to 30 degrees. When using soft wax in the smaller basin, set the temp to 45 degrees.
  • Room temperature can affect the heat, so adjust accordingly. When it comes to warmers, make sure your single basin also has a quality temperature control feature and reliable heating element that will help your waxes perform better than ever.
  • When using Berodin Blue, you’ll know you have the right temp when you can pick up the wax and ball it up on your spatula. If it runs off it, then the wax is too hot.


3. Pre-Wax Care

Proper hair growth aside, prior to their wax treatment make sure they know what they can do at home to set up their skin up for success. Remind them to exfoliate a day or two before the appointment using a body exfoliating kit to remove dead skin cells surrounding the hair follicles. Removing dead skin cells will prevent ingrown hairs post-wax and help leave the skin soft and smooth. Also recommend they moisturize up until the day of their appointment but be sure to come with clean skin the day of their treatment.


4. Post-Wax Care

Post-wax care is just as important as everything done leading up to an appointment. 24-hours post-wax they should start exfoliating and moisturizing again. This will help prevent bumps and ingrown hairs. Plus, exfoliating can also help boost circulation, improve blood flow and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Also recommend they apply a blemish control product twice a day for several days post-wax. This will help keep the hair follicle clear, suppress bacteria and jump-start the healing process.