The Ultimate Berodin Wax Tool Kit

Incorporating Berodin products into your waxing routine is more than just a wise choice – it's the key to delivering an exceptional waxing experience. From the quality of our waxes to the range of essential tools, we've got you covered every step of the way. So, whether you're an experienced waxing professional or just starting out, this all-encompassing guide will walk you through the ins and outs of utilizing the Berodin tools of the trade.


Berodin Wax

With over four decades of experience in the industry, we've harnessed polymer formulation to create the finest wax available. Berodin wax is gentle on the skin and remarkably efficient at hair removal. Our low-temperature waxes remain flexible and non-sticky, setting them apart from conventional waxes and ensuring your clients experience a better wax treatment with less discomfort. Be sure to stock your salon with these must-haves for every treatment:

  • Berodin Blue Hard Wax: This stripless wax permits application in multiple sections without becoming rigid and adheres solely to the hair, sparing the skin. Ideal for delicate areas such as the face, underarms, and bikini zone.
  • Berodin Black Soft Wax: A hybrid that combines the ease of application of a gel with the gentleness of a cream wax, making it perfect for swift treatments on larger areas like legs, arms, and the back, leaving the skin silky smooth.
  • Berodin Aqua Soft Wax: This clear, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free soft wax is suitable for all skin types. Crafted with speed waxing in mind, its microcrystalline formula ensures efficient results.


Wax Warmers

Achieving a smooth, effective waxing experience has much to do with temperature control, making the right wax warmer an essential tool. Under heated wax goes on too thick, doesn’t remove the hair as well, and can lead to bruising. If the wax is too hot, it can burn the skin. A quality warmer will heat both hard and soft wax evenly, allowing you to focus on taking care of your client and not worry about the wax temperature. Also, always make sure your wax warmer offers temperature settings, as you should adjust based on the temperature of your wax room.


Wax Removal Strips

Strong and reusable, we are big fans of non-woven strips. Strong enough to be used many times before throwing them away (half-legs, for example, would use seven strips total), you’ll love that the wax also doesn’t come through the strip, which keeps your hands clean during the procedure. The wide strips also allow you to remove and rub as you go, creating a cleaner, more efficient process.



The truth is proper waxing technique has much to do with your spatulas. The large plastic reusable spatulas can cut your waxing time by 50%, so even though you will need to take a few minutes between appointments to clean and sanitize, they are well worth it. Disposable wooden spatulas are perfect for the face, underarms, bikini, and Brazilians.


Pre-and Post-Wax Care 

You’ll want all these items on your shelf! From what we recommend for your treatment room to at-home care for your clients, here are some of our favorites.

For You: Pre-and Post Wax Must Haves:

  • Lavender Antiseptic Lotion is a water and alcohol-based solution that will wipe away bacteria, oils, and lingering residues from lotions and deodorants. The result? A pristine, fresh surface that serves as the ideal foundation for wax adhesion.
  • Berodin Jasmine Pre-Depilatory Oil is a versatile oil compatible with our signature waxes and boasts a potent blend of mineral and sweet almond oil. Whether applied pre- or post-wax, this oil ensures easy product release while removing any excess wax after you are done.
  • Post-Wax Essential Oil is best applied after waxing treatments to take the sting out and help promote healing and calm redness.
  • Blemish Control Gel is perfect for clients prone to post-wax breakouts by suppressing bacteria and jumpstarting the skin's healing process. It can also help prevent new breakouts by conditioning, toning, and controlling oil.
  • Post Wax Soothing Cream provides immediate aid for irritated skin. Canadian willow bark helps reduce redness by 40-60% in just three minutes.
  • Slanted Tweezers offer a perfect angle to help grab and remove those unsightly hairs. 

For Your Clients: At Home Care:

  • The Berodin Body Exfoliation Kit has an all-natural body wash and exfoliating gloves. This dynamic duo pampers the skin and readies it for the waxing process. Stress the significance of this step with clients as the exfoliation gloves and a soothing body wash will eliminate dead skin cells and ensure soft, primed skin pre-wax. 
  • Blemish Control Gel: If your clients are prone to breakouts, they’ll want this at home as well. Applied twice daily for several days post-wax will help keep the hair follicle clear. 


Education: Empowering Waxing Professionals

When you partner with Berodin, you get much more than wax. A skincare company at heart, we believe that treating the skin pre- and post-waxing is just as important as the service itself. That’s why we offer a complete waxing system to make your job easier and your client’s skin happier. We also developed a best-in-class training schedule that allows you to perfect your technique with hands-on sessions.