The Right Way to Exfoliate: Tips From Our Tuel Pros

You know you should exfoliate your face as part of your regular skincare routine, but what about your body? Take it from the pros, your body needs a little attention too, especially as the weather warms up in the summer. As time goes on, sun damage and certain skin issues can make it difficult for the body to naturally shed dead skin cells, leaving you with dry, flaky, dull looking skin that can make your entire body look less than glowing...and no one wants that. Read on for a few tips from the Tuel Pros on how to work total body care, including exfoliating into your summer skincare routine.

Since the main goal is to slough off those dead skin cells, there’s something refreshing about physically scrubbing your skin and breaking down any build up. One of the biggest questions the Tuel Pro’s get is “How often should I exfoliate?” Well, it all starts with knowing your skin type. While this is especially true for the face, the same rules apply to the body. The more you know about your skin type, the better you can care for it. While some skin types can only handle exfoliating once a week, others are able to work it in several times per week. The best advice we can give is to pay attention to how your skin responds after exfoliating to determine your best body skincare routine.

Tip 1: Choose the right product

Think beyond your face and choose a product that is formulated for the body. An all-natural body wash formulated with natural botanical ingredients including pine essential oil to cleanse and condition, bladderwrack to help nourish and replenish moisture, and a touch of glycolic to gently exfoliate will cleanse the skin of toxins.

Tip 2: Use the right technique

We believe that proper exfoliation isn’t about harsh body scrubs, but gently removing those dead skin cells and leaving your skin soft and smooth...not irritated. Pair the right body wash with a pair of exfoliating gloves to gently buff away dullness and soften rough, dry patches. As you gently scrub, you’ll also prevent ingrown hairs and bumps revealing brighter, healthier looking skin.

Tip 3: Finish with the right moisturizer

You should moisturize daily of course, but post-exfoliating is always the right time to hydrate and moisturize your skin. From body serums that help lock in the moisture, to ultra rich body lotions, you’ll want to provide your body with maximum care after your exfoliate. Pro tip: massage the body lotion over damp skin after your bath or shower. Use body lotion after the body serum and you’ll feel like you just got a facial for your body.