The Natural Way to Grow Your Salon Business

‘Natural’ and ‘clean’ are probably two of the hottest words in the skincare industry right now. But when it comes to your salon business, does natural skincare have the staying power and competitive edge to help you grow your client base? From efficacy to environmentalism there are some valid reasons why committing to using botanical and vegan based products in your salon really is a better (and more profitable) approach. Let’s take a look at a few ways that becoming more conscious and eco-friendlier in your salon can naturally grow your business.


Is Natural Skincare Better?

When done right, yes. The best natural skincare products are created knowing that healthy skin starts with a handful of plants and a serious does of skincare science. When formulated correctly, the skin will benefit from high concentrations of powerful plant extracts—active botanicals and minerals that treat the skin with potent antioxidants and vitamins. But not all natural skincare lines are created equal which is why it’s important to partner with a company that are proven industry experts.

Efficacy also is important—clients want to see results post-treatment and at home. Keep them coming back by partnering with a skincare company that offers professional grade products and the care they need in between appointments to maintain results. Plus, you’ll see your retail sales grow when promoting a simple, skin-typed focused skincare routine for your clients.   


Better for the Environment Too

When nature has given us everything we need for healthy, glowing skin, why mess around with any harsh or questionable ingredients? Natural skincare products not only feed the skin from the outside in, they also don’t pose a threat to the planet. From the skincare products you use, to committing to an eco-friendly approach overall in your business practices, the benefits of going green are real. Studies show practicing eco-friendly business measures can naturally lead to savings. Take some time to evaluate how you are conserving energy, recycling, saving water, solar power, and reducing waste to keep your costs down, along with only aligning yourself with brands that also support these efforts—from packaging to being cruelty-free in their business practices. 

Studies also show that eco-friendly businesses and brands are typically more appealing to customers and employees, with many placing more loyalty and value on those businesses who follow environmentally friendly practices. In addition to standing out to existing clients, going green can also help you strengthen your relationship with existing clients, naturally growing your business in all areas.