Soft Wax + Why We Love It

Take it from The Wax Queen, there’s a time and a place for both soft and hard wax products. Because soft wax grabs fine hairs perfectly, it works better on larger areas of the body. At Berodin, we recommend it typically for the arms, legs, back, and chest because it’s non-sticky, very gentle, and removes the hair exactly how you want it to. All that being said, a good soft wax does a few things really doesn’t dry out or become brittle, it can be heated and applied at low temperature and is a perfect solution for speed waxing. Read on for why we love soft wax, especially our one-of-a-kind cream and clear gel hybrid, Berodin Black.

Doesn’t Dry Out or Become Brittle

One thing you have to watch for with most soft waxes is if you spread it on too thin, it can get dry, brittle, and crack. But our hybrid Berodin Black product has a slow dry time so this won’t happen. A little bit goes a long way, and you don’t have to worry and it drying out. And here’s a Wax Queen Pro Tip, always start with a small amount of pre-depilatory oil designed to condition the skin. Use before and after the wax treatment to allow for better product release and the removal of any remaining residue.

A Quick, Clean Wax Treatment

Mild on the skin, our soft wax can be heated at a low temperature and easily removed making for a more gentle waxing experience. Just add a thin layer and then remove it with a cloth strip. The soft wax comes off cleanly and efficiently without dripping and is completely non-sticky, making it ideal for speed waxing situations.