Soft Wax Secrets You Wish You Knew Sooner

From working quickly to amazing leg waxing results, you’ll want to be in the know when it comes to these Berodin soft wax secrets. Strong, yet gentle, our soft wax will save you time, money, and bring you pure waxing joy as you watch your clients strut away with beautiful skin. Check out these soft wax secrets courtesy of our team at Berodin and of course the Wax Queen herself.


Secret #1: It reigns supreme when it comes to waxing large areas of the body.

Soft wax works well on larger areas of the body because the application doesn’t need to be thick to grab fine hairs. With any soft wax you should apply it in one step (you can do this when using a wax that doesn’t dry ), adding a thin layer using large reusable spatulas. Add a large amount of wax at once, wiping across the skin then remove with a strip. The soft wax comes off cleanly and efficiently without dripping and is completely non-sticky, making it ideal for speed waxing situations. At Berodin, we recommend soft wax typically for the arms, legs, back, and chest.


Secret #2: It won’t dry out or become brittle thanks to the Berodin hybrid formula. 

With most soft waxes, you have to worry about it getting dry, brittle and crack if spread on too thin. But our cream/gel hybrid Berodin Black product has a slow dry time so this won’t happen. A little bit goes a long way, and you don’t have to worry that it will dry out. And here’s a Wax Queen Pro Tip, always start with a small amount of pre-depilatory oil designed to condition and prep the skin. Use before and after the wax treatment to allow for better product release and the removal of any remaining residue.


Secret #3: It’s heated at a low temperature, making it a more gentle wax experience.

Berodin soft wax heats only to a low temperature, eliminating the concern of burning a client and creating a more gentle waxing experience. If you are using the Berodin Big Double Basin Warmer, soft wax should be set at a little under 45 degrees (although you should adjust a little based on your treatment room temperature). With soft wax, feel free to stir away, but your wax should never be runny, but more like the consistency of slightly warmed honey. If you turn the spatula over and the dripping stops, you know the soft wax is ready to use.  


Secret #4: We’ve got a clear vegan wax too.

Berodin Aqua is more gentle than traditional clear waxes, and is a hypoallergenic and fragrance-free clear wax safe for all skin types.  This microcrystalline formula was designed with speed waxing in mind—and just like Berodin Black, it won’t dry out or become brittle.