Royal Beginnings: How the Wax Queen Got Her Start

How did the Wax Queen become, well, the QUEEN? It all started with inspiration from a skincare pioneer (who she calls mom) and serious determination to create the best wax on the market. Throw in a love for all things orange, tattoos, and a few four-letter words, and you have Lori Nestore, otherwise known as The Wax Queen, who has built an insanely successful wax line business that believes in paying it forward, that good technique and education is meant to be shared, and above all else, that women in the skincare industry need to be equally successful in their own businesses. Here’s how this queen didn’t wait for opportunities; she created them.

She Got it From Her Momma

It all started with skincare pioneer Eva Friederichs…Lori’s momma and how, in 1963, she and her husband Joe moved their family of nine from Philly to California and opened a beauty salon. After years in the salon business and two schools, Eva set out on a mission to create a skincare line that was rooted in natural ingredients and designed for every ethnicity, age, gender, and condition in mind. 

You might say Lori learned firsthand how to pay it forward by watching her mom. Eva focused heavily on educating and inspiring women to create and build successful businesses. In fact, she was one of the first to hold seminars on various salon business topics. From proper technique to business-savvy tips, Eva was as committed to education as she was to skincare. 

Becoming the Queen

Lori’s love for wax started early on…1980, in fact. It was then that she taught the first wax class in the industry at a trade show in Long Beach. This industry-leading training would lead to an award and recognition by one of the greats, Magda Fichter, who proclaimed to the audience as Lori got up to receive her award, “And she is The Wax Queen!”

Next in Line

In the year 2000, Eva retired and passed the business on to her two daughters, Lori and Lisa. Licensed cosmetologists since the late 1970s and raised in the family salon, they shared their mom’s passion for natural skincare, education, and innovative thinking. The two sisters worked to evolve Eva’s Esthetics into a modern brand with a new name that still emphasizes their family bond (if you didn’t know, Tuel is a play on Lisa and Lori’s names—2Ls). Tuel directly reflects Lisa and Lori’s family legacy—right down to Tuel's commitment to the planet, 100% vegan and botanical ingredients, education and training, and an outspoken voice for social justice.⁠ 

Berodin is Born

As Tuel Skincare took off, Lori also focused on making her mark in the wax industry. She set out to create the best wax in the industry and a wax line of products rooted in caring for the skin and emphasizing proper technique. Lori collaborated closely with a lab to develop what would become the ultimate waxing solution available on the market, and in 2006, Berodin was born. 

Leveraging cutting-edge polymer formulation technology, Berodin wax stood out as unparalleled in the industry, boasting both gentle application on the skin and powerful hair removal capabilities. Its unique formula allows for low-heat application while maintaining flexibility. Simplicity was also key (time is money, after all), so she focused on creating two waxes – one hard and one soft – tailored to accommodate any skin or hair type and procedure. 

Armed with the best wax in the business, Lori unabashedly again shared her expertise and training with the world. Starting with her “Whole Ball of Wax” videos, she covered head-to-toe waxing and everything in between on both male and female models. Around this time, the “feared” Brazilian Bikini wax also appeared, which Lori did not shy away from demonstrating in her videos. Lori donated hundreds of these videos—then in VHS and DVD forms—to every school and instructor she met at trade shows across the U.S. 

Before long, word spread rapidly, and Berodin grew into the highly successful business it is today. After four decades in the business, during which she spearheaded the development of the best wax on the market today and remained dedicated to sharing her unique business style with others, it's clear why she reigns as the Wax Queen.