Relax, This Essential Oil Is Just What Your Facial Treatments Need

Who would have thought that one little product could enhance your facial treatments so much. From the cleanse all the way through the nourish phase and even as a body treatment solution, the Relax Essential Oil is the ultimate facial treatment multitasker you need in your salon. So if you are looking to enhance your facials, relax, we’ve got all the pro tips you need. 


First Things First

Just a little bit about Tuel’s Relax Essential Oil. A comforting blend of refreshing mandarin oil, revitalizing rosewood and warming black pepper, this essential oil infusion can be added to face and body treatments to help promote lymphatic circulation and relaxation, as well as decrease puffiness.

Key Ingredients Include: 

  • Mandarin Oil: Visibly brightens and enlivens dull, dehydrated skin
  • Black Pepper Oil: Warms and promotes circulation 
  • Grapefruit Oil: Works as an anti-bacterial astringent rich in vitamin C
  • Juniper Oil: Promotes circulation and healing 
  • Jojoba Oil: Most similar to human sebum and forms a protective, moisturizing barrier


Right Time, Right Product

There are many stages during a facial or body treatment where you can incorporate the Relax Essential Oil to boost your results—not to mention the “breathe it in and chill” effect your clients will love. Check out these tips from our Tuel Pros on how and when to use this essential oil during your treatments. 

Professional Applications Include:  

  • Cleanse: Apply Relax Essential Oil to the neck and shoulders at the end of the cleanse phase to calm the skin before moving into extractions.
  • Nourish: Before exfoliation or massage, place 5 drops into moist palm. Rub hands together and smooth into neck, shoulders and décolleté.
  • Masks: You can maximize any mask treatment with the appropriate essential oil for added nourishment including Relax. 
  • LED Light Therapy: Apply Relax Essential Oil to the targeted area before using the LED.
  • Body Treatment: The Relax Essential Oil is excellent for all skin types and also effective in body treatments. With a Body Contouring Treatment start with the Tuel Wrap Cream to speed up the detox process then mix one ounce of the cream with up to seven pumps of Intensify and five drops of the Relax Essential Oil.