Male Waxing 101: The Right Way to Wax the Ears, Nose + Chin

Wax professionals, if you aren’t focusing on increasing your male client base, it’s time to start. Manscaping seems to be here to stay, with some surveys saying more than 78% of men are waxing everything from their back to below the belt (the bro-zilian is a thing). While men have always shaved to keep body hair under control, many are now discovering the benefits of male waxing treatments for both hair removal and their skin. One of the hottest trends in manscaping? The face. From maintaining a well-groomed beard, to removing hair from the ears, nose and chin, the desire for male waxing treatments is on the rise. If you’re ready to start treating those bros, here’s all the 411 on these male waxing treatments straight from the Wax Queen.   


Got an Earful? Clear Things Up Quickly

Just like your nose, ear hair does have a purpose. Designed to work with earwax to keep dirt and dust out of the ears, it’s normal to have a few hairs in the ears. But often as people age, especially men, that hair can become thicker and coarser, making it much more noticeable. Similar to nose waxing, explain to your male wax clients that it’s best if a professional performs this wax treatment, as getting wax stuck in the ear canal is not something they want to deal with. Also explain that waxing will get them the best overall results—lasting longer and offering better removal inside and outside the ear, getting rid of all the ear hair in one quick session.


Nose Waxing: The Sting is Real

Just the thought of getting nose hair pulled out from the root brings tears to our eyes. However, the truth is waxing nose hairs is a lot less painful than plucking them. It’s a quick procedure that usually is done while you are also waxing other areas of the face such as eyebrows, ears, and/or the chin. Remember when waxing nostrils, you should only wax what you can see. There is never a reason to stick wax up your client’s nose—those hairs are there for a reason. Using your hard wax, make a nice strip of wax up over the front of the nostril, waxing one side at a time. It may seem faster to do them both at once, but it’s not as comfortable for your client. Pro Tip: remember that because it’s warm and toasty up in there, the nostril is one place where you want to leave the wax on longer than normal. It’s important to let that wax set up properly, so resist that urge to remove the wax too soon.


Chin Waxing: Trust the Wait

The beard hair on the chin is often very coarse, making it harder to wax if it’s not the proper length. When educating your male clients, explain that one of the hardest things they’ll have to do before removing their unwanted chin hair is to let it grow long enough to be waxable. During your wax treatment, be sure to use Berodin Hard Wax when waxing the chin as well as the ears and nose. While hard wax is very strong, using it in this area is more effective as the hairs get stuck in the wax without sticking to the skin. Educate your clients that a really good chin wax is worth the wait and that their best bet is to get on a regular wax treatment schedule. Have them start by coming in again ten days after their first wax, then weekly until they are building up to four weeks between waxing—staying away from shaving or tweezing in between appointments.


Finish Strong

When performing any waxing treatment on the face (male or female), the opportunity for breakouts is high. Make sure you educate on treating the skin pre-and post-wax for best results. Prevent breakouts post-wax by applying a blemish control gel (even if they are not prone to breakouts). This acne gel will help keep the follicle clear, suppress bacteria, and jumpstart the healing process. It can also prevent new breakouts thanks to astringent lemon which conditions, tones, and controls oil. Then follow with a soothing cream to take the redness out of the skin, and don’t forget the sun protection as a final step before they leave as the skin is more likely to burn after a wax treatment.