It Started With Our Momma: The Story Behind Tuel

Strong women come from strong women, and from our perspective there’s no one stronger than skincare pioneer Eva Friederichs. She was called an industry leader…fearless innovator…passionate advocate…but we were lucky enough to call her mom. Celebrate Mother’s Day with us as we share her story.

A Fresh Start

The story of Eva’s Esthetics began in 1963 when Eva’s family of nine moved from Philly to California in a VW bus and opened a beauty salon with her husband Joe. After years of owning a successful salon (and now in a partnership with her oldest daughter who is also named Eva), she set out on a new mission to create a skincare line that is rooted in natural ingredients and one that benefits all skin types. It was 1979, and her goal was to create a skincare line for every ethnicity, age, gender and condition—something she did all while raising seven kids. 

The Right Products Before The Right Time 

Never one to shy away from a challenge, she headed to Germany just a year later to work with well known chemists on the forefront of botanical based skin care. Since the very beginning, the line has been plant-based and free of synthetic fragrance. 

More Than Just a Skincare Line

The early 80's she became the first female vice president of  the California Skincare Association. In her role, she worked to raise the industry bar by advocating for the separation of cosmetology and esthetics licensing. Her efforts led a transformation of the beauty industry in the U.S. She was also the driving force for writing the very first examination for estheticians in California. 

Her passion for education didn’t stop at setting industry standards. Throughout the 1980s she focused heavily on educating and inspiring women to create and build successful businesses. In fact, she was one of the first to hold seminars on a variety of salon business topics. From proper technique to business savvy tips, Eva was as committed to education as she was to skincare. 

Making Her Mark

In just ten years, Eva had changed the skincare industry—from the use of botanicals in skincare products to her endless support for educating and supporting women-owned businesses. In 1989 her efforts were recognized by Dermascope Magazine who named her a “Legend” that year. 

Passing the Torch

In 2000, Eva retired and passed the business on to her two daughters Lori and Lisa. Licensed cosmetologists since the late 1970s and raised in the family salon, they share their mom’s passion for natural skincare, education and innovative thinking. 

Lisa and Lori  are focused on staying true to everything their mom achieved, while adding a “little spice”—evolving Eva’s Esthetics into a modern brand with a new name that still emphasizes their family bond, (if you didn’t know, Tuel is a play on Lisa and Lori’s names—2Ls) Tuel is a direct reflection of Lisa and Lori’s family legacy—right down to Tuel's commitment to the planet, 100% vegan and botanical ingredients, education and training, as well as an outspoken voice for social justice.⁠ 


You could say they live by their rules in business and life—just like their mom. Pink and red hair, tattoos, four letter words and a love for all things black and orange, they have built an insanely successful skincare and wax line business that believes in paying it forward, that good technique and education is meant to be shared, and above all else, ensuring women in the skincare industry are equally successful in their businesses. Together, they mix fierce determination, a commitment to doing things right, and a shared passion for botanical-based skincare that all started with their momma.