Here’s How to Get Your Clients Waxing in the Winter

From the holiday madness to bodies in hibernation, it’s easy to see why waxing in the winter is not at the top of the beauty to-do list. Many clients hit pause on their regular waxing treatments—especially bikini, Brazilians, and legs thinking those are “summer” things—and there’s no harm in taking a break. Tough arguments to overcome even for the most seasoned wax professional. So how to convince them to keep coming in? Try focusing on these phrases they don’t want to hear: pain, ingrown hairs, regrowth, and dry skin. So when they hit you with why would I get my Lady Bits waxed in the winter, hit them back with this and keep them waxing all winter long.


It Will Hurt Less in the Long Run

What to tell them: If you are planning on waxing in the spring and summer, you need to keep up your winter wax treatments to avoid revisiting some of that first-time pain. Year round waxing weakens hair follicles, making them easier to remove. Being consistent with your wax routine also limits the opportunity for the hair to grow back incorrectly since a regular wax routine doesn’t give the hair much time to grow in. Plus, by the time spring rolls around they will already be smooth and almost hairless.


It Will Help with Dry Skin

What to tell them: Their winter skin is already probably dry and crepey. The drop in humidity slows circulation, which can cause their skin to become dehydrated, and create a build up of dead skin cells. The waxing process helps by exfoliating the dead skin and circulates blood flow to stimulate new skin growth creating a new layer of skin that is soft and glowing. Suddenly waxing becomes more about skincare and less about hair in the winter months.


It Will Keep Hair From Growing Back

What to tell them: If you are already waxing away unwanted hair, why would you stop and give it a chance to grow back? Waxing can help slow down the growth of hair, but it takes time. When you interrupt your treatments, you start that process all over again which can lead to ingrown hairs and bumps just when you are getting ready to bare it all again. Plus, there are winter vacations right? So waxing all year long will ensure they are always ready.