Go Beyond Skincare: Become A Pore Star With Tuel

When you join the Tuel family you get so much more than just all-natural, plant-based skincare products. We are a company committed to helping you build your business from every angle by offering hands-on education and training, customer experience suggestions, and marketing ideas. Simply put, we have your back product-wise and business-wise. So, if you’re ready to become a Pore Star, read on for the low-down on all the perks of partnering with Tuel.


We’re In This With You

We don’t call this a partnership for nothing. At Tuel, all our Pore Stars benefit from the ultimate combo of training and products designed to increase your level of skill and your profits. Our complete package includes everything you need for a professional back bar, and intimate training with a Tuel certified trainer—teaching techniques that will keep your clients coming back for more. We call them “Tuel trade secrets,” you’ll call them money in the bank.


What You Get

  • A full professional back bar
  • A complete assortment of retail products
  • Three days chairside mentoring with a certified trainer
  • A five-day skincare class at our California training facility
  • The Tuel Tech Manual
  • Facial techniques online education
  • One-on-one mentoring with your trainer


Training Pays Off

Some studies say the proper training can increase profits in your business up to 47%. That’s why it’s important to look at training as an investment, not a cost. It enhances your skills, allows you to provide better solutions and services to your clients, increases customer satisfaction, and boosts your marketing efforts. And who better to be trained by than a company that has focused on healthy skin and waxing techniques since 1979. The team at Tuel understands what it takes to keep skin healthy at any age, is committed to packing their products with high-quality plant-powered extracts, and most importantly is committed to your success.