Get Smooth, Sexy Underarms with These Tips

It’s time for some “my underarms are sexy and I know it” confidence! Yes, smooth underarms are exactly what your clients are craving and you better believe we know the best way to get them. Try these underarm waxing tips from the Wax Queen and we promise you’ll keep ‘em coming back for more. 


Tip #1

Always use hard wax for underarms. Hard wax is the best choice for sensitive areas as it does not require a strip to remove the hair. Instead (with the right pressure) the hair will adhere to the wax without sticking to the skin, making it gentle and effective. Plus, you can go over the skin a second time to remove any hairs you may have missed without damaging the skin. 


Tip #2 

Always make sure your wax is the correct temperature. With hard wax, your warmer should be set just under 45 degrees and you should always have a hard center. You’ll know it’s the correct temperature when the wax forms a nice ball on your spatula and it doesn’t drip.


Tip #3 

Preparation is everything. Start by remembering these three steps: cleanse, oil, blot. Cleanse the skin pre-wax with antiseptic lotion. This lavender, water and alcohol based antiseptic solution wipes away bacteria, oils and residue from lotions and deodorants so the wax can adhere to a clean fresh surface. Follow up with a small amount of pre-depilatory oil to condition the skin before waxing. Then because it’s easy for the underarms to be too moist, blot the area with a tissue before you begin. 


Tip #4

Work from the head of the table and start by applying wax beyond the hair growth and onto the smooth skin beneath the arm pit. By going further than the hair, it’s easier to get the wax to release from the skin. Do both underarms at the same time to be efficient. Using good pressure so you are embedding the hair into the wax during the application, continue to apply on each underarm until all hair is removed. 


Tip #5

The underarms may spotty bleed (don’t tell the client and don’t worry), this is normal. Just wipe the area with a little lavender lotion to calm and cool and then apply some post wax essential oil, to help stop any bleeding, calm redness and soothe the area. Finish with a post wax soothing cream which provides immediate aid for irritated skin.