Get a Leg Up On Speed Waxing

We say work smarter, not harder especially when it comes to leg waxing. Speed waxing features the right combination of products along with an organized approach that will reduce your waxing time while maximizing your profits—and your clients get to walk away with smooth beautiful legs. So let’s talk efficiency, and why the Wax Queen says speed waxing is really the only way to work.


The Need for Speed

While we call it speed waxing, the concept is about being efficient in your technique to reduce your wax time, especially on some of the more labor intensive treatments such as leg waxing. It all starts with three easy steps: prep, wax, and finish. 


  1. Prep: When beginning your wax treatment, start by rubbing a small amount of pre-depilatory oil on the entire area being waxed.  Designed to condition the skin before waxing, It protects the skin and also allows for more effective product release. This will make for a better overall experience for your client and quicker clean-up for you. 
  2. Wax: Start with your wax, strips and spatulas. Believe it or not, these can make a big difference in how efficient you are. When it comes to soft waxes, you want to use one that is applied? very thin and won’t dry or set up, allowing you to cover large areas all at once. Apply the wax in one step (you can do this when using a wax that won’t dry) using large reusable spatulas. Add a large amount of wax on the spatula at once and wipe across the skin, making a ‘puddle’ of wax to pull from. (Reusable spatulas will reduce the waxing time of large body parts by 50% or more.) Work your way through the wax treatment systematically using your strips, checking on your client as you go. Save time and money by not changing those strips out each time. When the strip gets old, just turn it over and keep going. 
  3. Finish: Finish your wax treatment by going back and massaging in a generous amount of pre-depilatory oil, then taking a strip and rubbing it on the legs to remove any excess wax and oil. This allows you to both clean up and provide post-wax care all at once.