Brow Down: 5 Favorite Eyebrow Trends Taking Shape in 2020

As we head into the new year, you may be getting questions from clients about current eyebrow trends. And yes, just like years past, something fresh and fun is on the horizon. So, if your clients are browsing for some new ideas when it comes to eyebrow looks, here are a few trends industry experts say are taking shape in 2020.

Slimmer is In

Although brows will still be as full as they were in 2019, experts are saying brows may slim down just a bit in 2020. Many see a full brow as equaling youth, but the next few years will bring a slimmer, cleaned up brow. While we’re not talking 90s slim, brows may no longer be ultra-full.

Lighten Up

The dark, heavy brow is being replaced with a more natural look. The goal is to have more texture and skin breaking through, making the dark, heavy brow less desirable. In fact, using a brow pencil that is lighter than your brows is an up and coming trend…softer, less dramatic is definitely where things are headed.

Strong Arches

Taking note from the runway this season, 2020 is also all about the arches. Strong arches reigned supreme on this runway and were even used to emphasize color. To find the best arch for your client, define the brow’s highest point, just beyond the iris, and work from there. Just remember not to take too much off the ends.

Keep in Natural

Since the eyebrows are the number one thing that creates symmetry on the face, you could say they truly balance things out. So regardless of the trends, work with your clients on what makes sense for them based on face shape, natural brow conditions, and coloring. Then to achieve maximum results, talk to them about pre and post wax care too. That way they leave your salon loving their brows that are not only on-trend but well cared for.