Bikini vs. Brazilian Wax: Which One Is Right For Clients

This month we’re celebrating National Bikini Day and all things bikini and Brazilian waxes. That means you might have clients wondering which wax treatment is right for them. Read on as we break down the difference between a bikini and Brazilian wax and how to determine which one is right for each client.


Explain the Basics

The difference between a bikini and Brazilian wax is fairly simple to explain—a bikini wax removes only the hair that is visible around the bikini area, while a Brazilian wax removes the hair from the entire genital region. Both use hard wax which is ideal for coarse hair and sensitive areas. Efficient and gentle, the use of an effective hard wax can make an already stressful wax treatment easier on your clients. The Brazilian is also becoming more popular with men—although it requires some ballsy skills. With a bikini wax, clients can wear their underwear (be sure to take a wax strip and tie it through their underwear to give yourself a clear line to wax), whereas with a Brazilian they will be naked from the waist down, and will need to also get up on their knees to wax their bottom area. Overall, a Brazilian wax means getting into a few positions your clients might find embarrassing. If your client is a wax virgin, then it might be a good idea to start with a bikini wax and progress into the Brazilian.


Benefits of Each

Benefits of a Bikini Wax:

  • By removing hair from the root, a bikini wax means long-lasting, hair-free skin.
  • It’s a faster and usually less painful treatment than a Brazilian wax. If properly done, they’ll end up with maximum results with minimal discomfort.
  • There are many bikini wax styles to choose from. If your client is going this route be sure to share the options with them.

Benefits of a Brazilian Wax:

  • Many say they like that it leaves them feeling clean and smooth all over.
  • Waxing removes dead skin cells, so a Brazilian can promote less irritation and better skin health “down there.”


Pre + Post-Wax Care

It doesn’t matter which treatment your clients choose, remind them that pre and post-wax care is just as important. Together you can take steps to increase the benefits of both wax treatments and limit any bumps or breakouts after their treatment.