3 Ways Travel Sized Kits Can Help Your Retail Business Soar

Looking for some “get outta here” results when it comes to your retail business? It’s time to think small. While summer equals travel season, travel sized kits are not just for vacation—from the gym to the purse and even the office desk, now is the ideal time to educate your clients on the importance of caring for their skin while they are on the go—and doing so is easy if you have the right products in your salon. Read on for three ways travel sized kits can boost your retail sales all year long.


1. Educate on Consistency

Remind them that one of the most important factors to achieving their skincare goals is consistency. Instead of switching it up for the convenience of drug store travel sized products, show them how easy it is to pack up their skincare routine with travel kits. Formulated for each skin type, these 1 oz. travel sizes feature  a deep pore cleansing duo, milk cleanser, hydrating serum and moisture cream, are refillable and perfect for their carry on. These TSA-approved pore stars will help keep their regular routine without having to haul their full-size products with them, or risk their skin by trying something new. Leave the adventure to their travel itinerary, not their skin.


2. Not Just for Travel

Promote travel kits as the perfect way to care for their skin all day long. Throw these kits in their gym bag, purse or even keep a set at their office desk so if they need to freshen up, their products are at their fingertips. One of our favorite non-travel tips is to keep a kit in their gym bag so they can cleanse the dirt and sweat off their skin as soon as possible and then treat their skin right away—the sooner their skin is clean, the better off it will be post workout. 

Travel Kits are also a great way to introduce your clients to a new product line. That way they don’t have to initially invest in full size prices as they find the right fit for their skin. Just think of it as the best way to start out a new skincare routine. 


3. They Can Lead to Other Sales

Talking travel with your clients also provides an opportunity to address skincare beyond the face. Changes in climate, wearing workout clothes, and travel itself means they should be just as persistent about how they care for their body as they are with their facial skincare routine. By providing body skincare essentials you can help them promote skin health from head to toe. A good body skincare routine includes an invigorating body wash, rich moisturizer, and just like the face, a little exfoliation 1-3 times a week.