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A treatment of its own

Cleansing oils go deeper than milks or gels. They bond with your skin’s natural oils, drawing out more dirt, makeup and pollutants than a milk or gel cleanser ever could. Combined with their specially designed herbal toners, they become water soluble to ultra-cleanse and exfoliate. The process prepares your skin for maximum absorption of serums, creams and masks. Cleansing oils and herbal toners enable your post-cleanse products to penetrate deeper and deliver active ingredients where they’re most effective.

Healthy skin begins here.


Accurate skin analysis is the key to professional treatments and home care regimens. Once skin type is determined, you’ll be able to properly correct, balance and improve the quality of your client’s skin, and provide them with an amazing salon experience. The type of skin we are born with is determined by the characteristics it displays – not by color, gender, condition or ethnicity.

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