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We’ve spent our entire lives
immersed in the beauty industry

We’ve spent our entire lives immersed in the beauty industry

Our parents were hairdressers, and we grew up (literally) in our family salons. Our mom loved hair, but her true passion was skincare. She created Tu’el over 30 years ago, one of the first American professional skincare lines created for every skin type, ethnicity, gender and age. Since then, we have learned the ins and outs of the biz and have immersed and slathered ourselves with products and treatments as licensed estheticians.

You could say that we’ve inherited her passion for beautiful skin and a healthy lifestyle.
Used by professionals across the globe, Tu’el delivers high performance botanical formulas specifically designed to treat all skin types and conditions. Our custom formulations give you the most effective results that balance and improve your skin’s health and overall appearance. Not only will you see the difference –you’ll feel it, too.

We’ve stayed true to Mom’s vision and have modernized it for today’s health conscious and informed consumer. Mom knows best, and we’re here to make her proud.



Meet our mom and learn about her legacy.
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