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Balancing Act Travel Pack

Balancing Act Travel Pack

Combination Skin

Go places with balanced skin. This refillable, TSA-friendly set of balancing essentials refines pores and restores skin equilibrium when you’re on the road. It’s the perfect antidote to dry airplane air, sudden humidity changes and other environmental factors that can throw combo skin out of whack.

What it does:
• Controls and balances excess oil
• Refines the appearance of enlarged pores and uneven texture
• Strengthens and fortifies combo skin

What it includes:
• Balancing Act Deep Pore Cleansing System 1 oz
• Balancing Act Antioxidant Cleanser 1 oz
• Hydrate Super Serum 1 oz
• Special Delivery Night Cream sample
• Power Scrub, sample

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Key Ingredients


Vitamin C: A brightening antioxidant that improves skin texture and tone.
Grapefruit Extract: An antioxidant-rich extract that balances oil production and minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores.
Azulene: A skin-soother derived from chamomile with antioxidant properties.

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