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Graduate Package

Graduate Package

Tu'el & Berodin Kit

Discover the best of Tu’el & Berodin. Curious about our products but not sure where to start? Whether you’re a recent grad or just eager to improve the quality of the products you currently use, our Graduate Package is the ideal intro for any esthetician. This package includes Tu’el Body Wraps and the Tu’el Tester Kit: a full selection of products for all skin types including acne-prone, mature, and reactive skin. Also included: a Berodin Starter Kit so that you can perform advanced waxing treatments with the very best formulas. With this package, you can complete 25 facials, 15 slimming body wrap treatments, and complete waxing for all areas.

What it includes:
Tu'el Tester Kit (25 facials)
Tu'el Body Wrap Products (15 treatments)
Berodin Starter Kit (full wax treatments)

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