Anytime you have clients going through their first waxing experience, there’s a bit more preparation involved. But when it comes to the brazilian wax, first-timers are more anxious than ever. They’ve heard horror stories from friends or read some crazy magazine article online, but that all stops here. It’s easy to be a calming force and prepare those first-timers for what’s to come.

They will be exposed

As waxing professionals, we know that there’s a ton of exposure when performing the brazilian. And your client is the one who booked the appointment, so they do understand what they’re getting into! However, it’s still professional and courteous to prepare your clients for the appointment. It is their first time, so the experience is more nerve-wracking for them. Most importantly, just make sure they feel comfortable with the level of nudity required before moving forward.

Don’t shave before the appointment because the hair needs to be at least ¼ inch long

Don’t assume anything about your new client’s waxing knowledge especially when it comes to the preparation part. Those new to the waxing world may not know that hair needs to be fairly long. And you can imagine how irritated a client gets when you tell them their hair isn’t long enough for a wax. It’s not a pleasant experience. We recommend that your clients have at least ¼ inch of hair, but some clients want more of a timeline. In this case, have them stop shaving about three weeks before the appointment. You can educate your client when they call to book an appointment or have an automated email response for those who book online.

Save the time necessary for an intake interview session

Whenever you want to conduct your intake session is up to you, but the important thing is that you have one. An intake session is the perfect opportunity to prepare your first-timer with some brazilian wax tips. Give the client a step-by-step process of the appointment and what you’ll be doing. Hopefully, preparing the client before they get on the table will decrease your client’s anxiety. Plus, make sure the client knows that they’re in charge of the experience from here on out. If they feel comfortable talking to you throughout the appointment, perfect! And if not, that’s totally fine with you. The goal is to get a returning customer here, so do what you can to get to know them and create a positive experience.