Vitamin E is a powerhouse of goodness for the body. It assists in the formation of red blood cells, structural and functional maintenance of your heart and muscles, and boosts the immune system. Luckily for us it’s good for the skin, inside and out, and can be found in great tasting foods and most skin care products.

Eating a healthy diet is always the right choice but paying special attention to foods rich in vitamin E will help you look great too.  Vitamin E Chart

As a free radical neutralizer, vitamin E slows the aging process by preventing cellular damage on the molecular scale. The only down side is that our bodies don’t produce vitamin E so we have to ingest it or put it on our skin to get the benefits from it. Add these foods to your diet to get a good dose of Vitamin E internally.

  • Fish
  • Spinach
  • Nuts
  • Olive Oil
  • Eggs

If you have a skin condition like acne, scars, or dark spots, vitamin E can help. If you are one of the lucky few that has perfectly healthy, young skin, you can still benefit from vitamin E because it will slow down your skin's natural aging process and repair environmental damage. But with almost every product on the market touting vitamin E, what do you look for? You look for companion ingredients that enhance the benefits of vitamin E and assist in keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. Think of it like cooking. You can add salt to a recipe but without a bit of ground pepper, organic basil, fresh garlic, and crushed thyme you just have salt.  Now think of adding good quality pink Himalayan salt with a bunch of artificial ingredients and preservatives. A good, powerful ingredient that nourishes the skin deserves partners that enhance and contribute to the properties of the overall product. Here is a breakdown by skin type of natural ingredients that pair perfectly with vitamin E in a way that enhances results.

Lucky for you there is a skin care line that understands the complexities of skin care, the benefits of natural ingredients, and the importance of providing a product that delivers results. A product line that is used by skin care professionals worldwide and never succumbs to trendy ingredients or false hype about the latest fad. Tu’el Skin Care believes in healthy bodies of every size, beautiful minds in every circumstance, graceful aging in all forms, and educating people to care for themselves, inside and out.