As an esthetician or business owner in the salon and spa industry, there are two key components to success: skill and service. You can master your skill and learn advanced techniques through education, but you also need to sharpen your customer service skills to keep your customers happy. More importantly, poor service could hurt your bottom line…customer support statistics state that one angry customer will tell 16 others about the experience! Avoid any issues by using these four tips to create outstanding customer service in the salon and spa industry.

Create a connection from the beginning
A memorable customer service experience starts with a good first impression… have a receptionist or greeter with superior interpersonal skills that can remember names, smiles a lot, and truly enjoys speaking to your clients. This gives your business an opportunity for a positive first impression, and makes your guests feel welcome. Plus, a follow-up call, email or thank you card is not only appreciated, but it’s also an industry secret! The follow-up is an opportunity to discuss future treatments and get clients back inside your business.

Actually listen to your client’s feedback
Treatments are offered all across the country, but what makes your services special is that you exceed expectations. Go above and beyond by actively listening to your client’s feedback… take notes, make changes and discuss past visits with your clients to demonstrate that you individualize every session to meet your client’s skin care needs.

Pay attention to the environment and aesthetic
Take a look at your spa through the eyes of a first-time guest… are the smells, sounds and overall vibes pleasant? Pay attention to the setup of your products by ensuring that everything has a clean aesthetic. If your professional product packages are covered in dried product, or your shelves are organized sporadically, you could be leaving your client in a state of concern about hygiene! Tension and worry is the last thing you want for a client’s memorable customer service experience.

Show your expertise
Create outstanding customer service by proving your expertise in your trade. Prepare your client for the service by describing the wax, each item you use, and the product ingredientsto build trust quickly. Plus, this makes the client feel comfortable enough to ask questions, which creates an environment for you to build a relationship with your client.