Are you a morning person? Hey, even if you aren’t, we can help you turn it around! Honestly, we enjoy getting up early in the morning to work out! When it comes to your fitness, working out in the morning is the best way to start the day by boosting your metabolism and improving your focus. If you need the extra push to wake up early, keep reading for the four main benefits of working out in the morning.

Start the Day Out in a Good Mood
You may already know this, but working out releases endorphins, which are basically feelings of happiness! Get that morning workout in early, and you set the tone for the entire day ahead… studies have even shown that exercise improves depression. Instead of looking forward to the end of the workday for a good workout, get those endorphins flowing before you head to the salon.

Working Out Early Improves your Focus All Day Long
It’s hard to imagine that working out in the morning would be a better wake up call than a cup of coffee, but some studies have proven it true! It’s the simple way to get focused before those early morning professional appointments with clients.

Boosts your Metabolism Early
That morning workout will boost your metabolism early as well! In fact, there’s a buzzword called the “afterburn effect” or excess-post exercise oxygen consumption, which theorizes that your body continues to burn more calories throughout the day after a workout. Basically, the earlier the workout, the more calories burned.

You Sleep More
To wake up early, you have to go to bed early! Holding yourself accountable to the early morning workout creates good habits when it comes to getting more sleep. Plus, you don’t want to stress during the last professional facial of the day because you want to hit the gym! Get your workout in earlier, and you have more time to relax during the end of the day.