While there are plenty of ingredients that claim to fight acne, it’s our jobs as estheticians to recommend the real deal. One of the most trusted acne fighters in the skincare industry is tea tree oil… it’s useful against even the strongest of bacteria and skin infections! Keep reading, because we’re about to give you all the info you need to know about the unique effectiveness of tea tree oil.

One of the primary benefits of tea tree oil is that it’s anti-bacterial. It works to target acne at the root of the problem…the nasty bacteria that causes breakouts! Skin Inc. mentions a study that proved tea tree oil kills bacteria, and it also succeeded against fungi, nail fungus, and infections as strong as MRSA. Tu’el acne products, like Let’s Be Clear Here Power Wash Gel or Detox Essential Oil, are loaded with tea tree oil to combat acne, but are also backed up by other botanicals like palma rosa and eucalyptus. It’s a blend of botanicals that you can count on!

Botanical alternative to benzoyl peroxide
In addition to targeting acne at the root of the problem, tea tree oil is an ideal choice among benzoyl peroxide alternatives. In fact, a medical study from 1990 revealed that tea tree oil was just as effective in treating acne as benzoyl peroxide… however, it didn’t have as many side effects or bad reactions. If you’re worried about a client’s potential reaction to acids and other chemicals, rely on tea tree oil to work as a reliable alternative.

Acne comes with inflammation, and luckily tea tree oil takes care of both problems. But even if you have worked with clients to get acne skin under control, there can be leftover scars here and there. Fortunately, you can use tea tree oil for acne scars too… the essential oil can fade acne scars from past flare ups. Create a skin care program that contains flare ups and fades scars… products like Tu’el Rehab Acne Serum condition and heal acne-damaged skin.