We all experience a little stress in our lives, but it becomes a problem when it becomes excessive. High stress has been linked to physical and emotional issues like high blood pressure, depression, and heart problems, but did you know that stress affects your appearance? If you weren’t already concerned, dry skin and acne must be the final straw! To avoid the physical and emotional effects of stress, here are four tips on how to handle stress better.

We’ve written in the past about the benefits of meditation, but it’s a huge stress reliever. It’s especially effective in fighting the emotional effects of stress (jackpot!). A new meditation study from Carnegie Mellon University found that practicing just 25 minutes a day for three consecutive days can alleviate psychological stress. And again, if mindfulness isn’t your thing, yoga is closely related and you can benefit from similar effects.

Have a good time
Ready for our easiest of all tips on how to handle stress better? For goodness sake, have a good time! Get out and do something that you enjoy; better yet, make the time to do the things you love! There’s nothing more stress relieving than having fun. Sometimes, it’s as easy as getting into the yard to play soccer with the kids or hitting the spa for massage.

Use your social support system
Sometimes when you’re searching for tips on how to handle stress better, the answer is all around you: your support system. Reach out to friends, and let them know that you’re struggling with stress or anxiety! Your friends help ease your pain by providing someone to vent to and discuss issues with, but most importantly, knowing that you have a close circle that is supportive takes the weight off your shoulders… there’s a reason that therapists exist!

When we say “exercise”, we don’t mean that you must go to the gym for hours daily. This can including hiking, enjoying the outdoors, weightlifting, spin, and so much more. Exercise is unique because it causes a physiological response in the body by releasing endorphins, which stimulate happiness. Plus, you get your mind off your stressor for at least a small part of the day!

While owning, operating and working at a salon and spa can be stressful, share these tips on how to handle stress better with your clients as it could be an underlying cause of many skin conditions. Create an account today to see benefits behind a partnership with Tu’el.