It can be difficult explaining to a client what propylene glycol is during a facial. On the other hand, it’s much easier to explain the powerful effects of avocado or chamomile! We believe that natural skin care is a science at Tu’el, that’s why we follow one important rule: we won’t put anything on your skin that we can’t pronounce ourselves. It’s a good thing that Tu’el is all natural, because essential oils are a key player to turn the clock back on aging skin.

Lavender Oil
Lavender is one of our top secret ingredients! Ok, maybe we’re reaching here a bit since it’s not exactly a secret. Lavender is most highly coveted for its antioxidant power, which helps the body fight free radical damage. It also acts as an antiseptic to clean and balance skin, making it ideal for those stubborn age spots.

Carrot Seed Oil
We always suggest to wear sunscreen daily, but as a skin care professional, you should recommend carrot seed oil to clients as well. Together, they are preventative skin care’s best friends. Packed with vitamins and minerals, carrot seed oil brightens skin and rejuvenates cells. We like to call it our anti-aging powerhouse.

Geranium Oil
The geranium plant is similar to lavender in that it has natural antioxidant properties, but geranium oil is most recognized for being a natural astringent. It’s truly useful in anti aging skin care because it promotes the shrinking of pores and circulation. For an added bonus, geranium oil has a lovely floral scent!l has sun protection for every skin type and for all conditions including severe cold and extreme heat.

Use With Carrier Oils on Clients
As an esthetician or skin care professional, you should always use carrier oils, such as avocado or jojoba, plus they do wonders for your skin. Directly applying a pure essential oil can irritate a client’s skin, but carrier oils dilute the solution to make the oil suitable for daily use. Lucky for you, we created the ideal product! Tu’el Rescue Me Anti Aging Essential Oil perfectly combines essential and carrier oils to do nothing but replenish and regenerate aging skin.

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