Do a quick Google search on “Esthetician,”and you’ll be blown away by the interest in the career. Now search “Esthetician Education” and take notice of the huge response to furthering education, online classes, and esthetician trainings. While esthetician education is now mainstream, it was widely unheard of back in the ‘80s when we got started! Here’s the background on how Tu’el has been leading esthetician education since 1985.

Eva Friederichs
Tu’el founder and our mother, Eva Friederichs, was one of the first to provide education to skin care professionals through tradeshows and seminars. In fact, she pushed forward the requirements for estheticians, helping to differentiate the industry from cosmetology, and was a part of the first esthetician examination. And with no surprise, she was named a “Legend in Aesthetics” by Dermascope magazine! So, when you’re choosing a professional skin care line, consider the history and intentions of the brands you want to work with. And we aren’t saying that your only choice is to work with us (we don’t know why you wouldn’t!), but Tu’el has and always will be focused on the skin care professional.

Hands-On Classes And Tradeshows
Just because our mother retired doesn’t mean that her philosophies are not at the core of everything we do! To this day, we still believe that esthetician education is important, and hands-on classes keep standards of practice in the skincare industry high. If we can’t come to you for onsite classes, then come to us! One thing that Eva always supported was tradeshows… she was one of the first to do facials at a trade show. And throughout 2017, we have tradeshows across the U.S. for you to attend and work directly with us. We stand behind the effectiveness of Tu’el treatments and products, but our first priority will always be the well-being, education, and overall experience of skin care professionals.

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