In a time where there are more than 21,000 spa locations in the U.S. alone, running a successful salon & spa is harder than ever before. Despite the challenges, the industry just surpassed the $15 billion mark, proving just how fast things are growing. As more and more people understand and take advantage of the benefits of great skin and body care, it’s a good idea to establish successful business practices to keep customers coming back! Check out three of our favorite industry secrets for running a successful salon & spa.

It’s an all-day job
We all know the hectic and rewarding lifestyle of running a successful salon & spa…whether it’s early morning appointments or a 7:00pm wax, we’ve all been there! However, adapting to a client’s needs is the top business practice you should follow. In fact, this is an easy way to establish a niche in the market. Here’s an idea: create services developed around your client's’ work schedule such as a short facial designed just for a lunch break or an after-work massage special.

There are two main business models
There are two main business models in the salon & spa industry. Here’s the first: a one-stop solution that offers everything from manicures and pedicures to waxing, facials and massages. This model brings in income by offering every beauty solution, and you can quickly find clients by drawing them in with all these services. The other option is focusing on a niche market. Build your business based on what you do differently and what makes your salon & spa unique. Tip: if you do go this direction, don’t conform to fads! This is so important...only incorporate up and coming trends if they align with your long-term business philosophy.

Gift certificates are a client-retention strategy
Gift certificates are an industry secret that is easily overlooked! This client-retention strategy is the quickest way to bring in new clients, and it’s free marketing! But here’s the best part...your new clients are being referred by trusted friends or family. We still believe that word-of-mouth can be the most effective form of marketing, especially in a service-orientated business. There are endless ways to market gift cards, but we recommend pushing them during holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas for additional sales.