As leaders in the skincare industry, we’re always on the lookout for potential business opportunities. Well, we think we found one! Get this: Skin Inc. predicts the scar treatment industry will be worth $34.5 billion by 2025 (yes, that’s billion with a ‘b’!). Here’s what you should know about the growing demand for scar treatment, and how your business can lead the way with this important new area of our business.

Increased demand for products that treat acne scars, accidental scars, etc.
With projected industry growth this large, it’s obvious that there’s a big demand for scar treatments… it makes sense considering that we have more access to better technology than ever before. Plus, advances in areas such as plastic surgery make scar treatment available for car accidents, severe acne, botched surgeries, and more. With these high-cost treatments that are available, such as the laser therapies for removing scars mentioned above, professional estheticians need a more affordable option for scar treatment for those that cannot afford the scar removal cost of surgery.

Invest in building services regarding scar treatment and esthetics
In 2015, topical treatments represented about 61% of the scar treatment industry. Any way you look at it, 61% of a growing industry represents great opportunity for your business! So, while you don’t need to add anything crazy to your current list of services, it’s important that you realize that the future of the skin care industry likely includes scar treatments. Invest in building your business by adding services that focus on treating scars, adding to your esthetician education and purchasing product, such as Rehab Acne Serum, Make Amends Cream, and scar treatment cream, that your clients can use to heal their damaged skin.

Remember, the best skin care professionals are always adapting! Scar treatment and esthetics are a crucial future of the skin care industry, don’t miss an opportunity to grow your business and better serve your clients.