If there’s one segment of the skin care industry that’s exploding, it’s anti aging. In fact, Nasdaq predicts that the anti-aging market is expected to increase from $104.3 billion to $216.52 billion in just five years. That’s a massive increase! And one of the least understood aspects of the anti-aging market is the eye area.

Skin around the eyes ages quickly
To better understand under eye aging, it’s crucial to know the physiological reasons behind it. First of all, the skin around the eyes is extremely thin. Therefore, the under eye area easily develops dark circles and bags. But that’s not all the under eye area faces, there is also a lack of collagen and elastin, which naturally plump the skin. And don’t forget that your eyes work extremely hard every day! With its 22 tiny muscles, the eye blinks just about 10,000 times daily…that’s a lot of work on a small area of the body, making those imperfections much more noticeable.

Treatment and care
Now that we have a better understanding of circles and deep wrinkles under eyes, we can discuss where the esthetician comes in: treatment. A moisturizer does plump the dehydrated area, and natural ingredients like argan oil and antioxidants help to firm the skin. However, products that promote collagen production, like Eye Revive, strengthen the under eye area… an under eye aging treatment is also alternative to plastic surgery.

Prevention is crucial
Since the under eye area already ages quickly, too much sun exposure and environmental agents only enhance the aging process. As you may have guessed, this is where sun protection comes into play! Wearing sunglasses and eye-safe SPF are crucial to protecting the eye area from prematurely aging.

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