Here’s the deal: running and operating a salon and spa is hard work. But you know what isn’t? Choosing your professional product line. Thanks to our team here at Tu'el, we compiled a list of key tips on how to choose the appropriate product line for your business. We could make it easier, and tell you that the best choice is Tu’el and Berodin Wax, but we’ll try to remain unbiased.

Educate Yourself on Trends
First of all, it’s important that you do your homework on popular trends in the skin care and beauty industry. Natural and organic skin care, as well as cruelty free products, are a couple of major consumer trends. Not to burst our own bubble, but Tu'el is a big believer in the power of botanicals and consumers are hyped about this natural skin care solution too. This plant or botanical-based skin care is the core of our professional skin care line, Tu’el.

Exclusivity is Key
We’ll tell you this again and again, but exclusivity is key! From the beginning of time, consumers have always looked for that something special. If you’re a high-end hair salon, you could choose recognizable product lines like Redken or Biolage. Unfortunately, so do 80% of the other salons in your city! Are you picking up what we’re throwing down yet? Choosing a unique line will make your services heavily sought after.

Consider Whether the Brand Provides Extra Incentives
Here’s an inside tip: the best companies to work with do all they can to help you succeed. Will a wholesale purchase come with training, marketing collateral or other support? It sure should! With the purchase of the Tu’el Complete Package, you receive three full days of on-site training and mentoring in addition to skin care classes and a full professional back bar. Basically, we show up in the mail alongside your purchase. If the company you do eventually decide to work with doesn’t provide any incentives, it can’t hurt to ask for specialty training or other education.

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